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Sunrise Supervising (2014)

The unpunished injustice brings three former prisoners into the small town – once they were bothered by the same StB agent. And this man owns the inn in this town now. These three men decide to take the justice into their own hands, but they find out that they have no talent for that... They meet femme fatale and give her emotion and place for living. In return she shows them the difference between the revenge and the punishment. They all go through eastern.

  • Pavel Göbl

  • Pavel Göbl

  • Pais: CZ
  • Language: Český
Jiří Lábus
Jiří Lábus
agent StB, hospodský
Vratislav Brabenec
Vratislav Bra...
Jiří Maryško
Jiří Maryško
Che Guevara