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Assistir 神龍猛虎殺大賊 filme completo online de graça

神龍猛虎殺大賊 (1973)

After being rescued from the hangman's noose for a crime unbefitting the punishment, Chi Hsiang (Anthony Chan Keung) returns to his village home after a three year absence. There he discovers local bully turned tyrant, Tien Pioa in league with the Japanese and bleeding the poor farmers for all they possess. At first Chi refuses to help fearing it would merely cause more problems. However, the killing of his school's teacher (Jack Long) ultimately causes him to rethink his stance. From Taiwan: an ultimate superb basher!!

  • Ching-Chen Yang

  • Cheung San-Yee
  • Mao Hung-chi

  • Pais: TW
  • Language: 普通话
  • Duracao: 83